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Best ASP .NET programming in Pune
ASP.NET training will help you become a more efficient, effective developer. Today, ASP .NET is one of the most favourite programming frameworks in the web-development industry. Hence, going through an ASP.NET training course is extremely beneficial if you want to quickly find a place in the job market.

Prerequisites/Candidate profile

  • Some prior experience with Web development using HTML will be helpful
  • The training course Visual C# .NET should be completed first!
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  1. .NET Framework Architecture
  2. .NET Development Environment
  3. Creating ASP.NET Applications using web forms
  4. Creating user Interface
  5. ASP.NET Server Controls
  6. Validation Controls
  7. Custom Controls
  8. ASP.NET State management & Caching
  9. Responding to the events
  10. Navigation Between web forms
  11. Master pages and themes
  12. Creating and hosting web services
  1. WCF
  2. Testing & debugging web application
  3. Data Binding
  4. ASP.NET Data Access
  5. XML Data Access
  6. Web Parts Controls
  7. LINQ
  8. Profile and localization
  9. Maintaining security using
  10. authentication & authorization
  11. AJAX
  12. Deploying web applications
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